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FatBlaster Weight Loss Testimonials


Rebecca Kersten  :  Lost 11kg

I feel like a “yummy mummy” and no longer dread wearing a bikini! I used to be a serial snacker.

The FatBlaster Shakes made it so much easier to avoid snacking on junk food and kept me full between meals. I used the diary in the FatBlaster booklet to track my calorie intake and exercise. If I felt tempted to eat something unhealthy, I often looked at the before and after photos of previous participants for inspiration.

Deborah Barber:  Lost 17kg

I wanted to be generally healthier, and stop wearing “tent” clothes. FatBlaster aided me in sticking to my calorie allowance and enbled me to lose weight at a steady rate, therefore maintaining my motivation. I have lost a total of 54cm from my body. I didn’t lose weight, cos that implies I would find it againg. I threw my weight away forever!


Daniel Vickery: Lost 15kg

I have tried other programs. I have seen huge results with my mate going on FatBlaster shakes.

The supplements helped me lose those unwanted kilos that have weighed me down for years. My clothes also changed from a XXXL to XL. They helped change my life for my kids, wife and themselves. I would highly recommend FatBlaster to others.


Candice James:  Lost 10kg

My life has changed in so many ways! I’m so much slimmer, healthier & happier than before. I also have lads more confidence. I went swimming for the first time in years & in a bikini!

The FatBlaster shakes were a great help in making sure I was getting the proper nutrition & 3 meals a day.


Ralph Boberdt: Lost 8kg

I’d tried a fitness program a few times, but lacked the support and eventually motivation when the body fat wouldn’t budge. I wanted my children to be proud to call me a healthy dad!

Now I feel fantastic, I have more energy and drive. I would recommend (FatBlaster) and have to other people.


Zoltan Kovacs:  Lost 19kg

I find a FatBlaster shake delicious.  As my little girl would say -  “yummy in the tummy”.

any of my friends and colleagues have already starting using FatBlaster after my weight loss. 

My little girl named me muscle daddy, when I do push ups she jumps on my back.


Brendan Dean:  Lost 20kg

Too fat for life insurance – Now I have transformed my blubber thanks to FatBlaster!

Losing weight with FatBlaster made it easy to stay on track and the FREE FatBlaster guide included in the pack made it very simple and manageable. It’s hard to explain the real magic to FatBlaster but once I experienced it first hand I was hooked!


Maree Clement:  Lost 21 kg

Instead of feeling like a pregnant teletubbie, people now ask me how to lose weight: I say FatBlaster!

The energy I had from FatBlaster mad e it easy to stay on track. Thank you again FatBlaster -  the best journey ever taken.


Neville Fischer: Lost 26kg

The reason for me taking part in the FatBlaster Shakes Challenge is to be able to enjoy spending time playing with my active three year old son, and to still be around to watch him grow up.

My life has changed beyond my wildest dreams, I now have the energy and energy to anything I want. The FatBlaster Shake supplement was excellent and helped me through the times when I thought I was hungry.